Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tough Week...Good Music

  I hadn't really planned on venting on this blog... but I have been having a really difficult week. I'm sort of on the verge of breaking into tears. The only thing getting me through is a new band that one of my friends introduced to me. Actually, I have no idea if they're new - they're just new to me. It's called Tally Hall and I am especially obsessed with their song "Good Day." 
  Not only are their songs great, but they created a really entertaining internet show. The last couple minutes of the show are the music video for "Good Day."
  Click below to check it out:

(Click on it. Really. I promise it's worth it.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rachel Comey shoes

  I was born with the genes for bad feet. I blame my parents for my
extra-long toes and complete lack of anything resembling an arch.
Because my feet have always practically refused to fit into any shoe 
that can be considered attractive, I developed a natural aversion
to shoe shopping. But recently, my distaste has changed into
something else. Now instead of hating shoes in general, I have started
coveting, lusting after, and drooling over all the shoes I wish I
could wear.
The other day I read in Nylon about Rachel Comey shoes, and I now
have another item to add to my "If only I could afford it" list (which
was already pretty extensive). Not only are these shoes GORGEOUS, but
they look like they're made with the highest quality materials and
serious love and care. And they even look comfortable! Sigh.

If Only.....Spring '09

  The following are my three favorite looks from S/S '09 NY runways. I wish I could pull off all three - or even just one - of these looks this season!!

Rocker-military-distressed-acid washed-punk. A la Balmain.

Sexy-vintage-pin-up-tailored-sailor. i.e. D&G.

Free-spirited-neohippie-flowerchild-goddess. As seen at Diane Von Furstenberg.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Recent Concoctions

   Here are a couple things I've baked recently:

 a birthday cake for my mom

 Butterscotch blondies

 chocolate-toffee cupcakes

glazed cinnamon cake

  I'm such an amateur...I wish I could get some real experience in baking/cake decorating.