Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spring Awakening

I would be a terrible theater critic. I haven't seen too many shows, but I loved just about every one I've seen... I live in a suburb (unfortunately) near New York City (the only positive), so thankfully I am close enough to take the train in fairly often.
Last Sunday, I went with one of my friends to see Spring Awakening. We were already familiar with the soundtrack and were desperate to see it before its closing date (January 18th). We stood in line for two hours in the freezing cold to get discounted tickets with my student ID, through the student rush promotion. It was well worth it: we fifth on line, and we got front row seats for $27 a ticket! The view was partially obstructed, but that only affected the experience at two times during the show. 
The plot and theme of Spring Awakening are rather's basically about a group of stifled teenagers growing up in the late nineteenth century in Germany who are exploring their sexuality. I do NOT recommend it for children under the age of 14 or so...
The three main characters are Melchior, his sort-of lover Wendla, and their childhood friend Moritz. Melchior is played by Hunter Parrish of Weeds, who is both beautiful to look at and to listen to. Wendla, played by Alexandra Socha, was very good as well, her voice more than her acting.  However the audience completely fell in love with Moritz, played by Gerard Canonico, whose acting was both amusing and heart-wrenching.  One of the smaller parts who I found to be incredible was Ilse, played by Emma Hunton. Her voice sent chills down my spine, and her acting was entirely believable as well.
To find out more about the show and the student rush promotion, go to:

I promise it is worth your while. Do everything in your power to see this show before it leaves Broadway.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My reasons for keeping a blog:

There are a few reasons I decided to start keeping a blog:
1) I realized that I have more interests than can be discussed with my friends (hence the blog's title) and I figured that I would probably be able to find people with common hobbies/pursuits/fascinations on the internet. Though I'm really not sure how safe this is...
2) I need a place to rant.
3) I'm curious to see if anyone will take interest in anything I have to say.

Things I hope to discuss on my blog (aka topics that sound good in theory, but which I will probably discard in favor of whatever I find interesting next month...):
~The average life of a trying-not-to-be-average teenager

I have pretty much no idea what I'm doing, but hopefully I'll figure it out as I go along... so, patience please!!!